15 Ho-Ho-Ho Holiday Marketing Ideas!

The Holidays are upon us and come fast and furious. Holiday Marketing is very important and you need to get started NOW! It’s a time to show your clients and customers that you care. It’s a great way to attract new clients, too.

Today, I share 15 “Ho-Ho-Ho” Holiday Marketing Ideas in the infographic below. Tomorrow, I will share with you 15 more Ways to have Holiday Marketing Success!

  1. Create a plan and a strategy for your Holiday Marketing! Know what you will do, where you will advertise and the budget you will need.
  2. Holiday Giveaways are very popular. Offer FREE programs or services or use coupons for discounts.
  3. Make a donation to a local Charity. Every year on December 31st, I run a Facebook Post saying I will contribute to the charity of your choice, for the first 5 people who respond. Every year, I get a new client that way and I get to contribute to causes my peeps prefer.
  4. There are lots of Holiday Craft Shows, Parties and Auctions. Set a table or booth to promote your business, offering Holiday discounts.
  5. Send Holiday cards and gifts early. Be the First!
  6. Market all over Facebook. Have a contest, best Holiday photo or worst Holiday photo. Have an Ugly Sweater photo contest. Post lots of feel good, warm and fuzzy Holiday images.
  7. Change your logo and social media covers to a Holiday theme temporarily.
  8. Launch a program with a Holiday theme. Send email with Holiday themes. Blog with Holiday themes.
  9. Give a Holiday themed digital gift. I give a Holiday Planner as a gift each year.
  10. Create a Holiday, video message and post on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.
  11. Collaborate with other business owners to have joint Holiday celebrations or sales.
  12. Create a Seasonal Google Adwords campaign.
  13. Give out your favorite Holiday recipes as a digital gift.
  14. Have a Holiday themed Facebook event or a Holiday Party on Facebook Live.
  15. Use Holiday Hashtags #HappyHolidays and create your own #BeBold

There are lots of ideas for Holiday Marketing. Share in the comments below, your ideas!

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