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YES, You WANT to start a business, a real business, attract clients and make more money, but you don’t know how to get out there, be profitable and still have the time for family, friends and a life. You feel stuck, never getting your business going or never making money in your business. You sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed. Fear and doubt show up. You have no real plan or strategy.

I understand. Every day that goes by, your soul keeps calling, yearning for you to bring your magic, your gifts into the world and share it with those who need it most. Yet, you just don’t know which direction to go. You CAN stop the procrastination.

You CAN stop overwhelm. First, we get to the root cause of your inaction (your mindset and motivation). Then we develop a practical, magical marketing plan (your skills). I will help you release what’s holding you back from creating the business you love and desire. I will give you a simple to follow, step by S.T.E.P. strategy and a plan to build YOUR boldly brilliant business, while still having plenty of time for YOU, your family, your community, AND you can have a rich, vibrant social life!

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How to wake up bright, cheery and full of energy! Are you kidding me?

Picture3Every day, some people wake up feeling lethargic, cranky and tired. Sometimes, it may be hard for you to just open your eyes and face the day. Maybe you have feelings of overwhelm, play at procrastination or you really have too much to do. Or, maybe you just got too little sleep staying up late watching TV. The way to “wake up” ready to take on the world is to create a Morning Success Ritual, just for you.

Let me tell a short story about two friends who did.

Meet Kelly and Kristen.

They both want to be healthy, feel good and have time for their families, for work and for their own self-care.

Our friend Kelly is feeling stressed out and half-crazy with worry.

Our other friend Kristen feels calm and confident.

Why the big difference between them?

It’s simple, really…

Kelly is trapped by the belief that she has so much to do, she can’t get it all done and she feels overwhelmed.

She can’t see a way past her problem.

But Kristen took a different path.

She discovered that starting a Morning Ritual of Motivation and Movement, she could ignite her energy, blast into her day, fully charged and ready to take on the world.

She felt bright, cheery and full of energy.  She prepared for her day in mind, body and spirit.

So, how do you create your Morning Ritual of Movement and Meditation?

Here are 3 SMART tips to start your day, so you can:

  • have more time
  • have more energy
  • have more success in your business and in your life

Tip #1   Move Your Body:

After getting up and doing all the necessities, wake up your body. First thing is to drink a full glass of water or two. Hold off on the coffee or tea until after your Morning Ritual. Get energy and enthusiasm flowing by taking a walk, doing a yoga video or do some gentle stretching. Just get moving, sending all that blood to your brain to wake you up. Dancing around the house, taking the dog for a walk or practicing Tai Chi are all great ways to wake up the body.

Tip #2   Clear the Mind 

Do you feel fuzzy when you wake up? Often, people do. Now, it’s time to connect the brain to the body. One way is to read the news, watch a TV morning show, check your email or social media. If that works for you, go for it. Another way is to watch a motivational video, read a motivational book or write in a personal journal. You can use meditation to clear and focus the mind (that’s another whole blog post). Just sitting for a few minutes, being conscious of your breath will help clear the mind. One client that I have wakes up and plays ping pong, batting the ball against a backboard. He says it helps him focus for the day. Find your way, what works for you?

Tip #3   Connect with Self and the Greater Self

Use some affirmations and mantras to connect with that power, that energy greater then ourselves. For some, prayer is the way they start the day. Guided visualizations, specific meditations and sitting outside in nature will help connect us to that power greater than ourselves. Taking time to set goals, intentions and your schedule is also a way to connect.  Find your way. Create a Morning Ritual that wakes up mind, body and spirit. Find your success by getting in the flow. No better way to do that then a Morning Ritual.

Practice these tips and YOU WILL begin to live, really live and have an exciting, fun and luscious life.

Best of all, Kelly was able to start seeing AMAZING results from her Morning Ritual  almost immediately and there was no cost.

So what’s the moral of the story? It’s simple.

Don’t be like Kelly… Be like Kristen!

And, now it’s your turn. Start YOUR Morning Ritual for successful healthy living.

Put some movement, meditation and magic into your life! You can stop being cranky and tired and needing that extra cup of coffee. Start your day full of energy, ready to take on this world and really make a difference.

YOU WILL be surprised at the results! Think good. Feel good. Do good.

What happens when our mindset is fear, doubt and not feeling good enough?

Beliefs are the cornerstone to mindset. We know that mindset is the key to a successful business. We need a mindset of confidence, 19808779_senthusiasm and excellence for success. What happens when our mindset is fear, doubt and not feeling good enough?

We get stuck. We stop. We procrastinate.

When this happens, you need to identify the belief by asking yourself these questions:

What’s holding me back?
What am I feeling?
What is the “voice” saying?
What is the belief?
What does my body sense?

Take some time to ask these questions and write out the answers. Then, rewrite the belief to be positive. Rewrite it until your body agrees with your mind.

We all have a belief baseline. That baseline encapasses:

• Mind
• Body
• Emotion
• Social (family, friends, community)
• Best Belief (greater good)
• Energetic (belief matches up with Source, Spirit)

To clear a non-serving belief and establish a new belief, we ask each of our parts these questions.

Baseline Mind

• What is the thought?
• What is the belief?
• Call forth your Witness to help you.
• irrational thoughts, racing thoughts, impossible to concentrate, speech is erratic, incoherent, dizzy, forgetful, etc. are all signs your belief is not aligned.

Baseline Body

• What is the Body telling me?
• Body Sensations
• Racing heart, stomach ache, tightness in throat, biting nails, tight muscles, palms perspire, can’t get a full breath, tapping foot, food craving, etc.

Baseline Emotion

• What am I feeling?
• What am I feeling?
• What am I feeling?
One more time…What am I feeling?

Baseline Social

• Where did this belief come from?
• Who did it come from?
• Where in time were you?
• What happened?
• Why did it happen?
• How does effect and affect you now?

Best Belief

• How would you alter this belief? Soften the Story.
• Who, What, When, Why, Where and How
• Reconstruct the belief
• Baby Steps
• Use any and all tools available (EFT, massage, meditation, therapy, silence, movement, etc.
• Reconstruct the belief for the greater good which includes YOU!!!

When you, your thoughts, your body, your feelings, your truth, your intentions, your archetypes, your higher self and SOURCE line up creating a vibration ally, you will energetically matchmake (attract) what you desire and release the belief that’s getting in the way. Now, I know this sounds overwhelming. But, just like riding a bike, this process will become second nature. Be gentle with yourself, small steps with loving kindness from your witness will change the negative, unwanted beliefs that stops you from success.


Beyond your Beliefs, there is you.
-Og Mandino

Believe. Be Boldly Brilliant.


Every Moment…there is a child born. Every Moment…there is a purpose born.

17475393_sEvery Moment…there is a child born.

A 2008 survey said four babies are born per second. And, every single minute 45-50 babies are born, that’s 72,000 babies a day. Today, a baby that may be King of England was born. Lots of attention has been given to this birth. This does not take away from all the other babies born today. Of course, they are special, too.

With every baby born, there are two parents created, too.

Every moment of parenthood holds the possibility of deep, caring connection with parent and child or a possibility of disconnect that will always be felt by the child. What’s really important is, will the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge create a deep, caring connect with their new child. My guess is “Yes!”

May they lead long, healthy and happy lives.

Life is so precious. There are about 1.73 deaths per second. This translates to about 107 deaths per minute, 6,390 deaths per hour and 153,000 deaths per day.

All of this focus on life and death has me honoring the moment. To take every moment and truly live as if this was our first moment and our last moment on Earth. Just one moment. This moment.

Easily said.

How do we do this?

Always hold in your heart that you are here for a purpose. Know in your mind that you are here to serve this purpose. One we may or may not have a sense of.

Maybe your purpose is to teach people to be kind to animals. Maybe your purpose is to be a King. Or, create a lingerie business with a million dollar profit. Your purpose may be to create community connections or create an intimate partner for yourself. Maybe it’s to end World Hunger or to feed your family healthy foods.

No matter your purpose, for all purposes are needed to create a change in our World.

No one purpose is better than another. No one baby is better than another.

What matters is that you are living your moment, your purpose daily. It all begins with purpose.

Do you know your purpose?

Do you live your purpose every moment, like a new born child?

What is your purpose (your baby) in 5 words or less?

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Are YOU in your full, honest, naked glory and want to be heard?

I have been giving a lot of thought lately about who my ideal client or ideal audience is.     19557905_s

My inspiration for my ideal client is from the well known quote below, by Hunter S. Thompson.

“Life should not be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside in a cloud of smoke, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming “Wow! What a Ride!”

I cast my own version.

My ideal client:

I help brilliant, bold and beautiful women, no matter their shape, size, age or ability, who care deeply, into a life of wild and daring adventure, a frolic in ecstasy, full of chocolate, wine, whiskey, wild rides, and the occasional cigar, that becomes possible when they give all they have with moxie and muscle, with buckets of love and courage, while enjoying an inspired, passionate, romantic and enchanted life as they believe in the need for ALL, including them, to be seen and heard in their full, honest, naked glory as they take on the World and Rock it!

Wanna join me?
…Ok, you don’t really have to have the cigar or whisky…just Be Boldly Brilliant!

Who is your ideal client or ideal audience? Who do you want to most serve?

Please comment below with your answer and thoughts. Are YOU Boldly Brilliant?
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