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YES, You WANT to start a business, a real business, attract clients and make more money, but you don’t know how to get out there, be profitable and still have the time for family, friends and a life. You feel stuck, never getting your business going or never making money in your business. You sometimes feel confused and overwhelmed. Fear and doubt show up. You have no real plan or strategy.

I understand. Every day that goes by, your soul keeps calling, yearning for you to bring your magic, your gifts into the world and share it with those who need it most. Yet, you just don’t know which direction to go. You CAN stop the procrastination.

You CAN stop overwhelm. First, we get to the root cause of your inaction (your mindset and motivation). Then we develop a practical, magical marketing plan (your skills). I will help you release what’s holding you back from creating the business you love and desire. I will give you a simple to follow, step by S.T.E.P. strategy and a plan to build YOUR boldly brilliant business, while still having plenty of time for YOU, your family, your community, AND you can have a rich, vibrant social life!

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How to wake up bright, cheery and full of energy! Are you kidding me?

Picture3Every day, some people wake up feeling lethargic, cranky and tired. Sometimes, it may be hard for you to just open your eyes and face the day. Maybe you have feelings of overwhelm, play at procrastination or you really have too much to do. Or, maybe you just got too little sleep staying up late watching TV. The way to “wake up” ready to take on the world is to create a Morning Success Ritual, just for you.

Let me tell a short story about two friends who did.

Meet Kelly and Kristen.

They both want to be healthy, feel good and have time for their families, for work and for their own self-care.

Our friend Kelly is feeling stressed out and half-crazy with worry.

Our other friend Kristen feels calm and confident.

Why the big difference between them?

It's simple, really…

Kelly is trapped by the belief that she has so much to do, she can’t get it all done and she feels overwhelmed.

She can't see a way past her problem.

But Kristen took a different path.

She discovered that starting a Morning Ritual of Motivation and Movement, she could ignite her energy, blast into her day, fully charged and ready to take on the world.

She felt bright, cheery and full of energy.  She prepared for her day in mind, body and spirit.

So, how do you create your Morning Ritual of Movement and Meditation?

Here are 3 SMART tips to start your day, so you can:

  • have more time
  • have more energy
  • have more success in your business and in your life

Tip #1   Move Your Body:

After getting up and doing all the necessities, wake up your body. First thing is to drink a full glass of water or two. Hold off on the coffee or tea until after your Morning Ritual. Get energy and enthusiasm flowing by taking a walk, doing a yoga video or do some gentle stretching. Just get moving, sending all that blood to your brain to wake you up. Dancing around the house, taking the dog for a walk or practicing Tai Chi are all great ways to wake up the body.

Tip #2   Clear the Mind 

Do you feel fuzzy when you wake up? Often, people do. Now, it’s time to connect the brain to the body. One way is to read the news, watch a TV morning show, check your email or social media. If that works for you, go for it. Another way is to watch a motivational video, read a motivational book or write in a personal journal. You can use meditation to clear and focus the mind (that’s another whole blog post). Just sitting for a few minutes, being conscious of your breath will help clear the mind. One client that I have wakes up and plays ping pong, batting the ball against a backboard. He says it helps him focus for the day. Find your way, what works for you?

Tip #3   Connect with Self and the Greater Self

Use some affirmations and mantras to connect with that power, that energy greater then ourselves. For some, prayer is the way they start the day. Guided visualizations, specific meditations and sitting outside in nature will help connect us to that power greater than ourselves. Taking time to set goals, intentions and your schedule is also a way to connect.  Find your way. Create a Morning Ritual that wakes up mind, body and spirit. Find your success by getting in the flow. No better way to do that then a Morning Ritual.

Practice these tips and YOU WILL begin to live, really live and have an exciting, fun and luscious life.

Best of all, Kelly was able to start seeing AMAZING results from her Morning Ritual  almost immediately and there was no cost.

So what’s the moral of the story? It’s simple.

Don’t be like Kelly… Be like Kristen!

And, now it’s your turn. Start YOUR Morning Ritual for successful healthy living.

Put some movement, meditation and magic into your life! You can stop being cranky and tired and needing that extra cup of coffee. Start your day full of energy, ready to take on this world and really make a difference.

YOU WILL be surprised at the results! Think good. Feel good. Do good.

Is an entrepreneur ever on vacation?

Is an entrepreneur ever on vacation?

relaxing by the bay

relaxing by the bay

Do you live and breathe your business? Do you find yourself checking your iPhone, iPad or Laptop every 10 minutes, even on vacation? Are you suffering from entrepreneuritis?

As an entrepreneur, I know that workload, passion and personality all form to keep an entrepreneur always busy, if we are not aware and vigilant. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day business of running a company. Notice the common word used for creating a company (running). Do we really need to be always running to have a successful business? (BTW, she confesses, she’s writing this blog while on vacation)

The answer is “No, we do not.” We can take time off to recalibrate, to renew and to rest. If we don’t take this time, we get stressed, ineffective and overwhelmed. This is entrepreneuritis. Creating a business does take work. It’s not the quick and easy 6 figures overnight as some would have you believe. There’s a saying “Overnight success is 10 years in the making.” This means success comes from applying ourselves to our plan and strategy consistently and compassionately. If we burn-out, our business is done.

In business it’s easy to get caught up in the day to day operations and lose site of the BIG vision, the BIG WHY. When this happens, we start spinning the wheels, lost. To stay passionate, we need to revisit the BIG WHY and vision. The best way to do this is with distance from the day to day operations. Shake off the shackles of the everyday. Take some time off. Take a vacation or staycation. Remember your BIG WHY. Rejuvenate body, mind and soul. Remember the great joy from which you started your business.

Stop suffering from entrepreneuritis. Go enjoy a vacation! You might even leave all your computers at home. Suffer the withdrawal, let go and live!

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What your Mother never told you about Facebook?

First, let me say “I have had a wonderful time with the Ultimate Blogging Challenge!”   Photo1

I have so enjoyed reading other people's blogs from Haiku to Heartburn. From Love to Losing weight. From gaining weight and recipes to getting a new romantic partner. And, lots of great business advice! Amazing work, everyone!

I am so excited to join with Michelle Shaeffer and follow her as she starts a NEW BLOG from beginning to end. I hope you do, too!

I didn't once read anything I wouldn't want my Mother to read. Somewhere on Facebook or in a blog, I recently read that a young woman did not want to ask questions or leave comments on a Facebook page for fear her Mother might see.

NOW, I know why my youngest son de-friended me! It's OK. My other two sons are still my “friends” as well as their lovely wives.

So, if your Mother never told you about Facebook, please let me. It is a wise idea NOT to post on Facebook or in a blog that which we would not want our Mother to read. Once cast in print, we never can really retract. Many times, I have wanted to rant, rage, romance or rebel with words I would not want my children to hear me say, but I don't!

After all, more than your Mother may be watching!

Sign up at and rant, rage, romance and rebel all you want! I'm not your Mother!


Am I a failure if I miss posting a blog in the UBC, a Blogging Challenge?


I am participating in the Ultimate Blog Challenge. Go to for more info.

Am I a robot? Or, do I make conscious choices?

Am I a robot?
Or, do I make conscious choices?

For 31 days, the challenge is to blog every day. I have missed a few days and it was the BEST thing that could have happened. I am a recovering competitive perfectionist, so missing the blogs, kick up lots of old feelings for me.

I was feeling inadequate, depressed and anxious. Then, I realized what I was doing. The old recovering, competitive, perfectionist thing.

What and WHO am I really doing this Challenge for? The answer is…ME! I decide, I make the choice. There are no UBC police. This is for me! I call the shots. I write the blogs. Whoo! Got it!

Old behaviors and old beliefs are a challenge, too. Last blog, I presented a belief changing practice using the 5 pillars of change (body, mind, emotion, spirit and energy). Thought I would use the “missing blogs” as an example of that practice, as a way to stop being stuck, get clear and move on.

Checking in with my body, I sense uneasiness in the heart region. I feel tightness in my chest and a little numbness in my legs. I turn on some music (Norah Jones) and start to free-dance, moving my body sensually with ease and joy. Focusing on the movements. My body responds. I feel free and relaxed.

Ask the questions:
What is the voice saying? “What's wrong with you, you're failing, giving up?”
What is the thought? “You never finish anything you start.”
What is the belief? “Never good enough.”

Now, I start to feel the shift. The voice changes and says “You’re not giving up. You are making a conscious choice. There are more important things to be done right now and that is OK! You will get back to it.”

How am I feeling? Before, I was feeling Inadequate, anxious and a bit depressed. After dancing, I feel calm and relaxed.

Checking in with spirit by sitting on my meditation cushion and breathing, closing eyes, breathing. Do the “scan the past, scan the present, create the future” meditation. Feel connected, rested and very present.

Check in with energy, feeling contented, all is well. Energy higher. A simple process. With this high energy, I get clear on next steps and goals. Write them down. Journal in my special “Random Thoughts, Rants, Rages and Peace Offerings” journal about feelings and thoughts.

It's an easy process, an easy formula and an easy practice. Takes about 10 minutes to do and then “YOU ARE FREE!”

Think I will go write a blog!

What do you do when you get a stop, get stuck or distracted?

Please comment below.

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