Why You Need a Facebook Fan Page!

A question that often comes up regarding Facebook, is whether you must have a Facebook Fan (Business) Page when you already have a Facebook Profile. The answer is super short and sweet. Facebook’s terms of service forbid personal profiles from promoting, marketing, and advertising. That is what the Facebook Business page is for. You can promote, market and advertise on your Business (Fan) page and more.

*The names “Fan” page and “Business” page are interchangeable, it is the same thing, same page.

Page Insights

Facebook Pages have amazing (and getting better all the time) analytics that will help you get to know your audience better. You can use it to improve the information you provide based on what gets the best results according to real data instead of just basing it on likes and a guess.

Enables You to Build a Community

With a Facebook Page, you can build an active community of people who are interested in the content you provide because they believe it provides value to them. Their friends and family can see them like and comment on your page, which can attract even more people. When you have enough, you can create a group for your community to better facilitate discussion. We will talk about Facebook groups next time.

Improves SEO

By having a Facebook business page you are letting the world know that you have a real business. That, along with your website and other social media profiles all provide valuable backlinks to your website and information for your audience. Most people, even if they are not too keen on signing up for your email list, they will like your page on Facebook, giving you a chance to earn their trust, so they feel safe signing up for your email list.

Your Competition is Doing it

We all know we don’t want to copy other people. Yet, when it comes to business, the best place to open a successful business is across the street from a successful business just like yours. That’s where your audience is, that’s where you should be too.

Another Way to Get in Front of Customers

It takes from 7 to fourteen times for your audience to recognize your brand, feel as if they know, like, and trust you enough to open their wallets and pay for something. A Facebook page is yet another way to brand yourself and to get in front of your customers where they are.

You Can Run Advertisements

Currently, you cannot boost posts or run ads on your personal profile or via a group. But, you can with a page. Ads on Facebook can be very lucrative, offering an amazing return on investment. The reason is that their targeting is deep, and their prices are inexpensive.

Facebook Won’t Kick You Out

It is against Facebook’s terms of service to use your personal profile to market your goods and services other than within the confines of certain marketplaces. But on a Facebook Page, you can sell things right from the page if you want to.

Creating a Facebook Page for your business is an essential component of off-page SEO using social media. With your Facebook page, you get amazing insights into your audience’s demographics, that you were only guessing at before, and you can target your audience more succinctly with a page instead of trying to break the rules and doing it via your personal profile.

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How many #FacebookFanPageFridays does it take to really connect? Answer at end of blog.

Communication Connection and Community. The fourth “C” is really 3 “C's”.   18552403_s

After building your foundation of courage, clarity and creative content, you will need to connect and communicate with your ideal audience, also described as tribe, group, peeps, ideal clients, clan, your list or raving fans. The people who are attracted to you and to what you offer.

The best connection is an honest connection. It is a connection where both parties can give and receive. To start, you want to give more, much more. More content, more resources and more care. Be an extraordinary business owner, leader and coach. Serve with integrity. Serve with heart. This is how to build community.

Your clients or students need to know you. They need see how you can help them. Do you offer results for their problems? Can they trust you? Do they like you? To get to know your clients and for them to get to know you, you need to communicate and connect in a personal way.

Using communication to connect through weekly Email, Newsletter, Video, telephone (yes, this still works), podcast, Social Media or direct mail. Many contacts are needed to reach the point of KLT (know, like and trust). Last research I read the number of contacts needed went from 11 to 19. Not one or two or three, but 19 connections! Until you make this on- going connection and develop KLT there will be no sales, no sign ups and no success.

What is your best way to communicate? There are many different learning styles. Visual, auditory, kinesthetic are examples of a few. What is your preferred learning and teaching style? For best communication offer a variety of learning styles. Be open that your clients will want to find you in the style that is their own best learning style.

Use language as if you we're addressing a friend. For that is what a client becomes, if they know, like and trust you. Encourage your clients to communicate back, the best way to build community. Begin building relationships. When you have built a community, you will have built a business.

Most important for connection is what can you do to help, to serve them?

Please comment below. What is your favorite learning style (auditory, visual, kinesthetic)? What is your least favorite style?

This week, communicate with your clients using both learning styles.

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Answer: Just one, if you really connect, not just click “like”.