Do YOU emotionally over eat? STOP getting FAT!







Do YOU emotionally over eat? Emotional overeating is when we use food (usually high fat, sugary, comfort foods) to stop uncomfortable feelings such as anger, fear, stress, sadness or loneliness. We turn to food for comfort not sustenance. To avoid negative emotions, we overeat. Researchers estimate 75% of overeating is due to emotions we don’t want to feel.

Emotional overeating can cause obesity and lead to a food addiction. Learning to solve problems and how to feel emotions and release them is key to prevent emotional overeating.

We need to find ways to experience feeling good, to feel less stress besides eating. Thankfully, there are many ways to do this.

Tips to stop emotional eating:

  1. Reduce the stress in your life.
  2. Be Conscious. What am I feeling? What am I truly feeling? Boredom, anger, lonely, etc.
  3. Meditate.
  4. Take a physical movement class (ZENgevity, Yoga, Zumba, Step, Tai Chi).
  5. Talk to a friend.
  6. Read a good book, look at a magazine.
  7. Play music. Dance around the house.
  8. Write a blog post.
  9. Keep a diary for your feelings.
  10. Create a Visual Journal for your feelings.
  11. Play a game with a friend or online.
  12. Take a walk or run.
  13. Do some housework.
  14. Paint a picture.
  15. Go out to the movies.

Lots of ways to distract ourselves from emotional eating. Next time we talk about ways to stop emotional eating with our food choices.

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How many diet books do YOU own?

How many diet Books do YOU own?

17 is my answer.

I was surprised last night when I was perusing the bookshelf and saw so many “diet” books. Most that I have opened, but never read. I searched Amazon and found that there are 73,140 different diet books on Amazon’s shelf. Amazing!

Our culture has an obsession with that 4 letter word…diet.

That obsession is for new, quick, easy and fast. All those words are in the titles of the top 2013 diet book bestsellers. Lose 10 lbs in 10 minutes, lose that 20 extra pounds and busy life are frequently noted, too.

With all the 1000s of diets, why don’t we lose weight?

Three simple words: Fat, Sugar, Salt

We are addicted. We crave.

Have you noticed that any diet you might follow helps you initially to lose weight and then the weight comes back on? Why is that?

It’s a very individual and complex issue.

Everything you put into your mouth has the ability to give you better health or cause your body harm.

Learning when to say yes and when to say no to what goes in our body is imperative. We are bombarded with information every day, this diet, no this diet. We need to become diet scientists. We need to shift through all the research and experiment. Finding the right information for your body is key. Only you can decide what is right for your body. We will explore more about this intuitive process next time in the blog.

How many diet books do you have? How many different diets have you tried?

Be honest. Let us know in the comments below what YOU think.

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