5 Ho Ho Ho Holiday Marketing Ideas!

The Holidays are upon us. And, Holiday Marketing is so important! It’s a time to show your clients and customers that you care. It’s a great way to attract new clients, too. Today, I share 5 Ho Ho Ho Holiday Marketing Ideas in the infographic below. Tomorrow, I will share with you 15 more Ways to have Holiday Marketing Success!

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Infographic created in Canva by author.

Do you want Success in Your Marketing? Become the Spider.

Do you want success in your marketing? Become the Spider.  20177321_s

If you market, you WILL have success in your business, it’s a given. It’s when we DON’T market that we can’t fill a class, have enough clients or see enough patients. What stops people from spending the time they need to market their services or programs? Mostly, it is fear, doubt, distraction or indecision.

Reading in bed, I saw a fairly large brown spider crawling towards me. My immediate reaction was startling fear and panic. A thousand thoughts went through my mind in a split second. From Ron Weasley and his fear of spiders to my having been bitten by a spider in my sleep last year, I was in Spider World. Spiders bite 5-6 times, btw. I had a constellation of bites on my leg.

Run, kill or be motionless…what to do? Deep, slow breath. I eased out of bed. The spider stopped. Was she looking at me with all 8 eyes? Feeling a bit safer, I remember that there are often messages from the animal world. Animals may be spirit guides. Instead of feeling persecuted, I decide to open myself to the experience of being guided.

Spiders are associated with weaving (the web), wisdom, creativity and storytelling. They often show up when we feel trapped, stuck or toxic in a relationship, in business or toxic in our habits.  We can find ourselves easily distracted from our creativity, marketing or business by negative thoughts or feelings from the past. Usually it is leftover shame or harsh judgments we have carried from childhood that get us stuck. Seeing a spider gives us the opportunity to release ourselves from the judgments and shame, from the web of fear, doubt and indecision.

Use the fear and panic opportunity to access your inner wisdom. To see that life is more than a spider racing across the bed. Deeper meanings, balance and integration are available if we choose. The spider energy allows us to be creative, to write out our fears and release them, so we can market and so we can create success in our business.

What’s holding you back?

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