The Beginner’s Business Women’s Guide To Entrepreneurial Success

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Do you want to know the 3 simple beginner steps every woman entrepreneur needs to know to start and grow a profitable business?

If you’re a Woman Entrepreneur who wants to start and grow a profitable business without letting lack of knowledge hold you back, then you need to read this immediately.

Your 3 Beginning Steps

Step #1: Protect Your “Getting Started” Schedule


Here’s what will happen if you don’t protect your “getting started” time:

You’ll never get started and your dream will remain just that – a dream.

While that may sound harsh, it’s simply the reality.

If you don’t protect your “getting started” time, there will always be something, someone, someone else’s need, an “emergency”, or just plain old procrastination, to keep you from starting your new business.

Block out your “getting started” time and then protect it, ferociously.

Step #2: Create your support team


Launching a new business without a team in place greatly increases the chances of your dream not coming true.

Just like launching with your team in place greatly increases your chances of success.

An important task is to create 2 lists:

– A list of what you know and what you are skilled at doing

– A list of what you do not know and what you’re not good at doing.


Build your team with people who are:

1) Good at what you are not, and

2) Enjoy doing what you hate to do.

Step #3: Don’t go it alone – get a coach who can walk you through the process


You can reinvent the wheel, but why?

Going it alone is a prescription for failure.

One of the greatest values of having a coach is they are someone who has “been this way before” and can take years off your learning curve.

Having someone else’s eyes on your business is invaluable, because as talented as you are, there are things you cannot see that a great coach will.

Now that you’ve got these 3 beginning success steps for women entrepreneurs down,

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How to wake up bright, cheery and full of energy! Are you kidding me?

Picture3Every day, some people wake up feeling lethargic, cranky and tired. Sometimes, it may be hard for you to just open your eyes and face the day. Maybe you have feelings of overwhelm, play at procrastination or you really have too much to do. Or, maybe you just got too little sleep staying up late watching TV. The way to “wake up” ready to take on the world is to create a Morning Success Ritual, just for you.

Let me tell a short story about two friends who did.

Meet Kelly and Kristen.

They both want to be healthy, feel good and have time for their families, for work and for their own self-care.

Our friend Kelly is feeling stressed out and half-crazy with worry.

Our other friend Kristen feels calm and confident.

Why the big difference between them?

It’s simple, really…

Kelly is trapped by the belief that she has so much to do, she can’t get it all done and she feels overwhelmed.

She can’t see a way past her problem.

But Kristen took a different path.

She discovered that starting a Morning Ritual of Motivation and Movement, she could ignite her energy, blast into her day, fully charged and ready to take on the world.

She felt bright, cheery and full of energy.  She prepared for her day in mind, body and spirit.

So, how do you create your Morning Ritual of Movement and Meditation?

Here are 3 SMART tips to start your day, so you can:

  • have more time
  • have more energy
  • have more success in your business and in your life

Tip #1   Move Your Body:

After getting up and doing all the necessities, wake up your body. First thing is to drink a full glass of water or two. Hold off on the coffee or tea until after your Morning Ritual. Get energy and enthusiasm flowing by taking a walk, doing a yoga video or do some gentle stretching. Just get moving, sending all that blood to your brain to wake you up. Dancing around the house, taking the dog for a walk or practicing Tai Chi are all great ways to wake up the body.

Tip #2   Clear the Mind 

Do you feel fuzzy when you wake up? Often, people do. Now, it’s time to connect the brain to the body. One way is to read the news, watch a TV morning show, check your email or social media. If that works for you, go for it. Another way is to watch a motivational video, read a motivational book or write in a personal journal. You can use meditation to clear and focus the mind (that’s another whole blog post). Just sitting for a few minutes, being conscious of your breath will help clear the mind. One client that I have wakes up and plays ping pong, batting the ball against a backboard. He says it helps him focus for the day. Find your way, what works for you?

Tip #3   Connect with Self and the Greater Self

Use some affirmations and mantras to connect with that power, that energy greater then ourselves. For some, prayer is the way they start the day. Guided visualizations, specific meditations and sitting outside in nature will help connect us to that power greater than ourselves. Taking time to set goals, intentions and your schedule is also a way to connect.  Find your way. Create a Morning Ritual that wakes up mind, body and spirit. Find your success by getting in the flow. No better way to do that then a Morning Ritual.

Practice these tips and YOU WILL begin to live, really live and have an exciting, fun and luscious life.

Best of all, Kelly was able to start seeing AMAZING results from her Morning Ritual  almost immediately and there was no cost.

So what’s the moral of the story? It’s simple.

Don’t be like Kelly… Be like Kristen!

And, now it’s your turn. Start YOUR Morning Ritual for successful healthy living.

Put some movement, meditation and magic into your life! You can stop being cranky and tired and needing that extra cup of coffee. Start your day full of energy, ready to take on this world and really make a difference.

YOU WILL be surprised at the results! Think good. Feel good. Do good.

Do you want Success in Your Marketing? Become the Spider.

Do you want success in your marketing? Become the Spider.  20177321_s

If you market, you WILL have success in your business, it’s a given. It’s when we DON’T market that we can’t fill a class, have enough clients or see enough patients. What stops people from spending the time they need to market their services or programs? Mostly, it is fear, doubt, distraction or indecision.

Reading in bed, I saw a fairly large brown spider crawling towards me. My immediate reaction was startling fear and panic. A thousand thoughts went through my mind in a split second. From Ron Weasley and his fear of spiders to my having been bitten by a spider in my sleep last year, I was in Spider World. Spiders bite 5-6 times, btw. I had a constellation of bites on my leg.

Run, kill or be motionless…what to do? Deep, slow breath. I eased out of bed. The spider stopped. Was she looking at me with all 8 eyes? Feeling a bit safer, I remember that there are often messages from the animal world. Animals may be spirit guides. Instead of feeling persecuted, I decide to open myself to the experience of being guided.

Spiders are associated with weaving (the web), wisdom, creativity and storytelling. They often show up when we feel trapped, stuck or toxic in a relationship, in business or toxic in our habits.  We can find ourselves easily distracted from our creativity, marketing or business by negative thoughts or feelings from the past. Usually it is leftover shame or harsh judgments we have carried from childhood that get us stuck. Seeing a spider gives us the opportunity to release ourselves from the judgments and shame, from the web of fear, doubt and indecision.

Use the fear and panic opportunity to access your inner wisdom. To see that life is more than a spider racing across the bed. Deeper meanings, balance and integration are available if we choose. The spider energy allows us to be creative, to write out our fears and release them, so we can market and so we can create success in our business.

What’s holding you back?

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How Facebook has taken the place of the Sunday morning Comics.

Reading Facebook on a Sunday morning reminds me of the days I use to read the Sunday comics. The Sunday Comic pages are in newspapers (for those too young to know what a newspaper is, it’s this paper thing with articles, photos and comics written on it).

The Sunday comics were in color. I mean ARE in color. Newspapers are not dead completely, yet.

I would laugh, I would cry at some of the most amazing artistry and story-telling in the Sunday funnies. The Comics have been around a long time, since 1895 when “The Yellow Kid” appeared in Pulitzer’s New York World newspaper. Below is what the creator had to say about his character.

“The Yellow Kid was not an individual but a type. When I used to go about the slums on newspaper assignments I would encounter him often, wandering out of doorways or sitting down on dirty doorsteps. I always loved the Kid. He had a sweet character and a sunny disposition, and was generous to a fault. Malice, envy or selfishness were not traits of his, and he never lost his temper.”
-Richard F. Outcault, creator The Yellow Kid” from a 1902 interview

My first comic was Peanuts. Loved Lucy! There are so many comics now. From the political (“Doonesbury”) to the absurd (“Broom Hilda”), there are over 100 comics in newspapers across this country. How many comics in the rest of the world?

The comic “For Better or Worse” makes me cry the most (I am a mother) and “Garfield” makes me laugh the most.

Now, I read facebook and the same thing happens. I laugh, I cry. Moving pictures on facebook seem to evoke more feelings in me, more than photos, cartoons or comics. I have my favorite groups and people who post. From the political (Occupy the NRA) to the absurd (cats eating goldfish out of a toilet) and there are all kinds of posts in between. There are 1000s of facebook posts and groups.

The post of a video with “Bette Midler” singing to a dying cancer patient made me cry the most and the video post of “best babies laughing 2013” (I am a mother) made me laugh the most.

Today, I noticed that I have let Facebook take the place of the Sunday Comics.

I am feeling nostalgic. I think I will go out and buy the Sunday paper and read my favorites, “Calvin and Hobbes”, “Zits” and “For Better or Worse”.

What’s your favorite comic?
What’s your favorite Facebook post?
Share with us in the comments below.
Be Boldly Brilliant!


Sailing the 7 C’s to Success. The 7th and final “C”.

Sailing the 7 C’s to Success. The 7th and final “C”.

Charisma   girllaptop

By now, if you have been following the 7 C’s, you will have set a great foundation for your business. You are starting to reach out, communicate and claim your tribe! Every “C” needs to be complete for your business to grow. Every “C” needs to be revisited quarterly to make sure you are on track in your business and moving to the future that you want.

The final “C” is CHARISMA and with that goes compassion. When we have courage, we are confident and we get clarity, we are ready to get going in our business. When we begin to share our creativity and content we get noticed. As we start to communicate and connect with our tribe we begin a relationship that will serve both.

Business will grow.

With commitment and care of our clients, students or customers, we will have an on-going committed relationship and the business will begin to make money. Charisma is the icing on the cake. Your clients, students or customers see you as a Leader and are attracted to you and your offers. You are unique! You have a gift, they want to share. They become devoted raving fans, telling others about you and your business. This is the star burst to success! YOU are a rock star!

With this charisma, goes compassion and responsibility. Serving with integrity and commitment to the extraordinary Care™ of your client. Giving back to the community will create charisma and karma for your business. When we fulfill our divine purpose, we find charisma.

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