Day 4…Bouncing on my Mini-Tramp!

guymini-trampsmDay 4: Mini-Trampoline

I pulled out my mini-tramp to do a few bounces for self-care. As some of you know, I sold my house and moved last week from a house on 8 acres to a temporary 2 BR apartment, until I move to California in mid-July. As I was bouncing, I heard a knock on the door. The man downstairs wanted to know “What the heck (I am being polite here) are you doing?” So, I invited him in and showed him my mini-tramp. Did I say it was at 7 am today? We had a very nice conversation (I remember now that apartment living is very different than 8 acres) and I apologized and won't bounce before 10 am. He got on to try it and I took this photo. Did I mention that I LOVE apartment living?

You meet the most interesting people.

What will YOU do for Self-Care today?


“Your work is to discover your world and then with all your heart give yourself to it.” ~ Buddha

Day 3 Walking by the Water Soothes me…

21 Day Self-Care Sensation Celebration and Challenge!

Day 3: Walking by the water always soothes me.

Today, I am considering what self-care means to me. What is the definition of self-care?

There is no widely accepted, single definition of self-care. The Dictionary simply says “care for oneself: self treatment”. We have come to know self-care as much more than that. Many groups try to define self-care from Wikipedia to the NIH; there are a lot of definitions. All of which are very different.

For me, self-care is whatever we want it to be. We know what our bodies, minds and spirit need to feel comforted and soothed.

We know what feels good.

Many years ago, I wrote a Master’s thesis in Counseling Psychology entitled “Burn-out in the Helping Professions”. It was about healing the healers. Many healers (therapists, nurses, doctors, EMTs and clergy) suffer from burn-out or stress. We know stress causes depression, substance abuse, health problems and relationship problems to name a few.

I was working in a Thanatology unit in Los Angeles (very high levels of stress) and we created a “Scream” closet where the nurses could go in and just “Scream” to let out their frustration, grief and other emotions. Self-care can take many forms, not just a manicure.

We care for the body with healthy foods and exercise.

We care for the mind with meditation, music, prayer, writing and laughter.

We care for our spirit with art, connecting with others, being in love, staying positive and staying present.

What’s your definition of self-care?

Only YOU can know what soothes you.

Only YOU can know what relieves your stress.


Quote by Deborah Day

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.”


Day 2 Self-Care Sensation Celebration and Challenge!

21 Day Self-Care Sensation Celebration and Challenge!

Day 2: Spending time in a Bookstore, in a cozy chair, resting, relaxing and reading, I learn about New Moon Energy.

It is the New Moon today, June 8th. The new moon energy is a most POTENT time for goals, desires and intentions to take root. This is a potent time for Self-Care! Of course, Self-Care is perfect any time.

New Moon is not just the name of a movie! The New Moon name is given when the moon lies closest to the Sun in the sky, as we see it from the Earth. The scientific term is when the moon and sun have the same ecliptical longitude. We can’t really see the moon at this time.

This moon phase is a good time to manifest dreams especially if you take action to make them happen. When we align with the forces of the Universe we give a greater power to our dreams and to our actions. It is a time for new beginnings and a great time to start something new. A great time to create the change you have wanted especially if you have been holding back.

Self-Care is the first change. Always start with Self-Care. When our body, mind and spirit are at peace, feeling joy and feeling loved, we are at our most creative and most powerful.


21 Day Self-Care Sensation Celebration and Challenge!

YOU deserve to be good to yourself, take some “ME” time and rejuvenate your Soul!

Start the Summer off with TAKING A STAND that YOU can take care of ALL your loved ones, do ALL  you DO and still take care of YOU! Each day of the Challenge post a photo, video or comment about your SELF-CARE activity for the day. Five people will WIN a Book prize! The winners who post the most or are the most BOLDLY BRILLIANT will be determined by YOU, by VOTE. We start this TODAY, Friday, June 7. Go to “like” our page and start sharing!

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