The Importance of Routines for Success!

It is so important to have routines for your business and your life, if you want easy success.

Have you noticed that it gets harder to make decisions toward the end of the day? You’re too tired to figure out what to have for dinner or what to watch on TV. That’s because, we all have a finite amount of decisions that we can make in any one day. Routines can help!

Knowing that helps us prioritize. We can cut out a lot of decision making by implementing routines. That way we save our decision making for the important stuff. It also frees brain space for more creative and productive thinking. Routines are a great strategy. Routines help simplify our lives. A lot of our daily stress is reduced with routines.

Chances are you already have a morning routine. You get up, you stretch, get your coffee or check email. Maybe you have a high protein shake before heading into the shower. Let’s expand on that.

If you create a “uniform” for yourself or plan your outfits a week in advance, you don’t even have to think about what to wear. You just grab a pair of pants and a shirt, or a skirt, tights and sweater and off you go. Mark Zuckerberg, creator of Facebook is notorious for wearing the same t-shirt and jeans every day.

Implement some routines into your workday wherever possible. Meal planning helps you figure out what meals to fix and eat. A cleaning schedule makes sure you stay on track with your household chores without you having to spend any valuable decision-making skills in the process.

Wrap your day up with a bedtime routine that not only helps when you’re too tired to make smart choices, it also helps you fall asleep more easily. What works for your toddler works for you as well. Create your own sleep routine.

Come up with a few calming things that help you slow down and get ready for sleep. Read a book, listen to some music or wind down with a cup of herbal tea.

Sit down with a pen and piece of paper and think about what parts of your day and week you can turn into routines. Write the down and create daily to-do lists for yourself until you’ve established these new routines.

Spending a little bit of time creating routines will make your day run a lot smoother. You might just find yourself less stressed and get more done during your productive hours. And that’s a wonderful thing. It allows you to save plenty of decision making for the fun stuff like figuring out what hike to go on, what movie to watch or what card game to play.

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Day 8…Self-Care in a Stressed Out World

Confession time. I skipped a few days in the blogging of the 21 Day Self-Care Sensation Celebration and Challenge! A few days that were too full with work, care of elderly father, visit by son and daughter-in-law and making a home of my week old apartment by unpacking the stacked, ceiling high boxes. Even so, I did practice my self-care! I ate cake! And, we all know stressed is desserts spelled backwards. I wasn't really stressed. No stress, just day to day busyness.

Real stress is below.

Yesterday was the 6 month anniversary of the senseless killings at Sandy Hook Elementary. The NSA reads my emails. Fires raging in Colorado. We live in a stressed out world. How we make peace in this madness is the purpose of Self-Care. How do we stay present, alive in our skin with compassion for all, including ourselves?

“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.” Quote by Steve Maraboli

We start with that most powerful relationship, the one with our self. By practicing self-care, we bring peace to us, peace to the people in our lives (who want us to be fully there for them, not half empty) and peace to our world.

What will you do for Self-Care today? For me, I plan to play pool (the ball and cue kind, Billiards, Snooker).



Day 3 Walking by the Water Soothes me…

21 Day Self-Care Sensation Celebration and Challenge!

Day 3: Walking by the water always soothes me.

Today, I am considering what self-care means to me. What is the definition of self-care?

There is no widely accepted, single definition of self-care. The Dictionary simply says “care for oneself: self treatment”. We have come to know self-care as much more than that. Many groups try to define self-care from Wikipedia to the NIH; there are a lot of definitions. All of which are very different.

For me, self-care is whatever we want it to be. We know what our bodies, minds and spirit need to feel comforted and soothed.

We know what feels good.

Many years ago, I wrote a Master’s thesis in Counseling Psychology entitled “Burn-out in the Helping Professions”. It was about healing the healers. Many healers (therapists, nurses, doctors, EMTs and clergy) suffer from burn-out or stress. We know stress causes depression, substance abuse, health problems and relationship problems to name a few.

I was working in a Thanatology unit in Los Angeles (very high levels of stress) and we created a “Scream” closet where the nurses could go in and just “Scream” to let out their frustration, grief and other emotions. Self-care can take many forms, not just a manicure.

We care for the body with healthy foods and exercise.

We care for the mind with meditation, music, prayer, writing and laughter.

We care for our spirit with art, connecting with others, being in love, staying positive and staying present.

What’s your definition of self-care?

Only YOU can know what soothes you.

Only YOU can know what relieves your stress.


Quote by Deborah Day

“Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you are worth the effort.”